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1-on-1 Yoga Transformation

Experience Life-Changing Results with 6 Weeks of Transformational Yoga Sessions

  • 30 minutes
  • Student's Choice!

Service Description

An immersive one-on-one trauma-conscious life coaching experience. I will help you connect to your intuition and regain your self-worth so that you can make better decisions for your body, health, and life… without feeling the need to second guess yourself or seek outside validation. Book a free 30-minute discovery session to get started!! What you can expect to learn: The 30 steps I use to reset and create a lifestyle that’s in alignment with your needs and goals. Learning to be more forgiving with yourself, ways to build confidence, and how to take more intentional actions towards your goals. How to improve your relationship with your body through reconnecting and then releasing judgment on self-body image, intuitive eating, and intuitive living work. The tools to prioritize your self-care and how to create your own personal practice that nourishes your mind and body. How to navigate through life with a greater sense of calm and confidence and far less stress. ~!~ PRICING ~!~ In this monthly program, you will experience a combination of yoga classes and personal coaching. This includes a 1hr yoga session and a 30-minute goal-setting meeting per week, an Ayurvedic intuitive nutritional assessment, all totaling 12+ hours of compassionate yoga recovery. *A 6-week commitment is required. The investment in yourself requires this amount of consistency. You will be utterly amazed before you're even halfway through. As they say, it takes 4 weeks to feel the change, 6 weeks to see the change, and 8 weeks to be the change you want to see.* Outside of our sessions, please know I am here for you throughout the process. You will have access to me on call, which I am not offering with ANY other program. It is personal; Your journey, your personality, your body, your life story, and I am honored to support you through each aspect of this transformation. It's time, you deserve to have a better relationship with your mind and your body. Become the strong and empowered person you’ve always known you could be and have a fulfilling and meaningful life with more fun and focus. Feel confident and live in alignment with your true self and your intuition. Experience more joy and purpose by making step by step changes in your life and achieving your goals on your own terms.

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